About Us



The scholarly name for the study and collecting of postcards is "Deltiology" from the Greek word delti, a diminutive form of déltos, meaning "writing tablet or letter" - therefore "a small letter".

If you think of postcards as just shiny pictures of mountains or beaches mailed to you by your aunt, or as common souvenirs on a revolving rack in a tourist shop, prepare yourself for an intriguing journey that will expand your horizons!



Antique postcards date back over one hundred and fifty years and they offer an eclectic world of visual delight and intellectual stimulation across hundreds of topics.  A wealth of art, design, photography, history, geography, sociology, and communication is available to you at postcard shows and internet sources, as well as in the postcard collections of others who are happy to share their hobby.  If you are not sure about collecting, but would like to visit, browse, look, and learn, you are always welcome. 



So, join us!  There is something here for every personality, every imagination, and every pocketbook.  Find satisfaction and pleasure in learning about vintage postcards or satisfy your desire to collect something that is engaging, educational, easy to store, and never needs dusting!

The Capital of Texas Postcard Club normally meets monthly, though at this time we are not meeting in May and June due to the current Corona Virus situation. We will post updates on our status as needed here on this site.  We hold an annual Postcard Show and Sale each year in early October that features some 20 dealers from Texas and around the country.  We would be glad to have you join us as a member or just come to our meetings as a visitor once they resume! 

Check out our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/ctxpc